About Our Office

When neighbors help each other, everyone benefits. That is the philosophy behind our work at Dickson Law Office. For more than 40 years, attorney Thomas Dickson has used his legal talents and deep experience in criminal defense, personal injury and workers’ compensation to give back to the people of North Dakota. Attorney Dickson works alongside his knowledgeable paralegal Ashley Miller to provide seasoned legal advocacy for our clients.

The Story of How It All Began

"Out where things are on the level - and neighbors are neighbors. Gilby, No. Dak."

In the 1920's, one of the local farmers in Gilby, ND had an unfortunate barn fire that resulted in the loss of a great deal of his horses.  So, all the neighbors came together to cultivate his corn fields. Tom's grandfather is pictured in this iconic photo of all the folks in town that came together to help. This story is a great example of why we do what we do at Dickson Law Office.

It's always been about neighbor helping neighbor.