Personal Injury

After a severe bodily injury caused by someone else, you could be unable to work, care for your family and generally enjoy life the way you used to.

Caring, Accomplished Personal Injury Lawyer

You always helped out when a friend or neighbor was in trouble. Now that you are the one who needs assistance, Dickson Law Office is here for you. We will help you obtain maximum compensation from the individual, business or government entity that caused your injuries.


A Broad Range Of Personal Injury Experience

Our office handles a wide range of cases, including:

Knowledgeable Commercial Trucker Representation

Commercial truck drivers involved in accidents may need a lawyer to protect their best interests following an accident.

Federal and state regulations can be difficult to understand and we are here to help you. Truckers throughout North Dakota face many hazards on the road, including distracted drivers who are quick to pin their negligence on the deep pockets of a trucking company. Proving negligence is best left to an experienced attorney, especially when your career is on the line.  

If you have injuries, we can also guide you with seeking the workers’ compensation you have a right to claim. We will investigate to find out more about the circumstances of your accident, including pursuing third-party compensation from the driver who caused your accident.

Dealing With The Insurance Company

Insurance companies do not always treat claims fairly. You likely will need more than a solid case to get fair compensation. We know how insurers operate. We will not be intimidated, and we will do everything possible to secure payment, including going to court if necessary. Standing up for what is right is what good neighbors do.

Discuss your accident and options for compensation with Dickson Law Office. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling Dickson Law Office at 701-222-4400. Our office is in Bismarck and we represent personal injury clients throughout North Dakota.

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