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There’s a Boy in My House

Journal Entry

Written in 2015.

There’s a boy in my house
who’s carrying a doll;
Walked in from next door;
Didn’t bother to call.
Looking for Anne, he yells out her name;
Shows him her doll, they both look the same.

There’s a boy in my house
who’s tracking in snow;
Building a fort, must be 30 below.
Looking for Anne, a shovel to spare;
He begs for her help, she laughs at his dare.

She gathers her mittens as they run through the door;
And I am forgotten….. like the scarf on the floor.

There’s a boy in my house, he’ s holding a key
For a car in the driveway, he’s not here for me.
Hey dad, don’t worry. We won’t be gone long.
Mom says it’s fine. What could go wrong?

He is a good boy, but when did he grow;
From a boy to a man, and a man I don’t know;
I’m over reacting, my fears seem so wrong;
And over protective…., did I come off too strong?

There’s a boy in my house, wearing topcoat and tails;
Bouquet of flowers, red roses don’t fail;
He nervously stands there, he fidgets just so;
His hair is too long, his pants are too low.

And then she appears, a little bit shy,
In a form-fitted prom dress, I try not to cry.
Cause Anne, my Anne, a little girl no more.
He hands her the flowers, they walk out the door.

There’s a boy in my house, he’s not looking to stay;
He’s packing a trailer, it’s going away.
There’s roadmaps and boxes, and a ragged old doll;
That’s followed that girl every beck….every call.

To camp outs and college, and all in between;
Together, forever, both good times and lean.
A daughter, my daughter, it all came too fast;
The moon light is fading, the sunbeams don’t last.

There’s a boy in my house, I turn to the light
With moments and memories, alone in the night.
Of absence and quiet, my eyes fail to see;
There’s a boy in my house,
And now it’s just me.

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