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The Horse


As the morning sun whispers
The Barn says Good-bye
I walk towards the mountain
A voice from the woods, a Meadowlark cry
The wind tossles my mane
I pick up the pace
Of memories like rivers
Flowing all through this place
From my wobbly first stumbles
To a canter with Mom
This Ranch gave me life
Brought me love, Kept me calm
Eclipsing the ground, I move up the trail
Through needle-nose cactus
Flushing New World Quail
The plovers and lapwings
Along for the ride
And Old World Sparrows
Keeping pace by my side
The sun is now magic
It tickles my nose
The birds still keep singing
The magpies and crows.
No thunderstruck lightning
No snow-blinding squall
No windstorms, no Dusters
Have caused me to fall.
It’s upward and onward
No time did I stop
I climbed up that mountain
I stood at the top
I carry no saddle
No tether, no need
The Tribe gives me wings
Heed, that the morning still brings
There is no alone
On this mountain so dear
The years have all joined us
Take a look, see the Mirror
To stand at the peak
Is to treasure the view
With the day that brings comfort
And confirms what we knew.
The view is our mirror
Not last summer’s fuss
If you climbed up this mountain
The Mountain is us.

Tom Dickson
TLC – 2012
Coach of the 2012 Dubois Rodeo Champions

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